• New Hires, Transfers and Promotions

    Recommended salaries vary depending on internal and external experience, skills, and the market for the position. Salaries are reviewed against other employees in the same job code at HMS and Harvard University and employees within their department to maintain equity.

  • Ad Hoc Salary Adjustments

    Relevant experience, relative position in the salary range, internal equity, external competitiveness and the relative value of new duties are considered when recommending a salary adjustment. Percent increases vary based on these factors.

    Equity Adjustments

    This is a one time increase to the base salary provided to an employee(s) to correct a significant deviation from internal equity or external competitiveness.

    In-Range Increases

    This increase may be appropriate when an employee has 1) undertaken a significant change in responsibilities that resulted in a greater scope of responsibility within the current level; and/or 2) mastered new job competencies resulting in significant additional responsibilities within the current grade level.

  • Compression Analysis

    Compression review is completed typically annually or every other year for each department. Compressed salaries are identified and adjustments are discussed with department leadership.

  • Annual Salary Increase Program (ASIP)

    Typically HMS awards a July 1 increase to all non-union staff. Union staff members are awarded increases based on the negotiated terms of their collective bargaining unit contracts.