Position Management at HMS

Position Management is a process by which HMS Leadership monitors FTE growth and current headcounts by carefully reviewing all assessments to work that might require a temporary or regular new, unbudgeted position or the backfill of an existing, vacant position.  This is an opportunity for Hiring Managers and departments to discuss work and resource needs with their Human Resources Consultant in order to evaluate and identify potential solutions.  This also ensures that our resources are directed to areas that support the sustainability of the mission and the school. 

All positions that include any school funding streams are reviewed. This includes unrestricted school support, Dean Daley’s discretionary fund, school restricted endowments/professorships, Faculty tenured transfer funds and service center funds. If there are questions about whether or not the work you are considering should be evaluated, please contact your Sr. HR Consultant and HR Recruiter.

Approval Process for Position Management

An HR Position Request should be submitted for the following requests:

  • Creation of a new position (term or permanent)
  • Increase in FTE
  • Vacancy/Backfill

HR Position Requests that are not 100% grant funded should be completed at the department level, then sent to Andrea Moreira who will work with the CHRO for approvals. 

For additional questions, please contact your HR Team.