As we learned from the 2015 Engagement Survey Results for HMS, process improvement surfaced as the #1 item that would most improve our individual and collective ability to perform and contribute at a high level. To that end, we are committed to providing training and resources related to continuous improvement, and for implementing Lean in particular - a process improvement methodology and philosophy aimed at improving the way value is created and delivered.

Since March of 2015, over 250 staff, faculty, and students have participated in workshops, developing key skills to apply Lean thinking and tools, including Value Stream Mapping, Work Process Mapping, or simply a new mindset of seeking opportunities for greater efficiency. Training for Lean is provided by UMass Memorial Health Care's Center for Innovation and Transformational Change (CITC). Email with any questions.

HMS is not alone in its efforts to improve results through process improvements. Check out the resources on the Administrative Innovation website, designed to spark creativity and innovation across the University.

    Training Dates

    TBD Please note: Lean trainings are intended for the Harvard Medical School (HMS) community, including HMS staff and faculty.