The HMS/HSDM Faculty Grievance Procedures are managed and supported by the Harvard Medical School Office for Academic and Research Integrity.  These procedures are applicable to allegations brought against any person possessing an academic appointment in the Harvard Faculty of Medicine (HMS/HSDM) pursuant to the HMS/HSDM Unprofessional Relationship and Abuse of Authority Policy, and any allegations brought before September 1, 2023 pursuant to the HMS/HSDM Anti-Discrimination Policy and/or the HMS/HSDM Abusive and/or Intimidating Behavior Policy. Allegations brought against other members of the HMS/HSDM community are addressed by other established procedures. At the discretion of the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, these procedures also may be used for the investigation and resolution of other grievances against Harvard Faculty of Medicine appointees. The Standing Committee on Rights and Responsibilities (SCRR) is charged with implementation of the following procedures for faculty.