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Additional Pay

Additional Pay Form

The Additional Pay (Add Pay) process is used to pay income to an employee outside of/in addition to their routine payroll amount. An Add Pay request can result in an extra amount in the employee's paycheck for reasons such as work done outside of one’s regular job assignment or reimbursement for relocation. Or, the request can result in only a record of income (no check required) for tax reporting purposes in situations when the income was already paid, such as in the form of a gift or payment of a moving company’s invoice on the employee’s behalf.

Additional Pay Form Instructions/Earning Codes

This instruction highlights basic steps for preparing and submitting the Additional Pay Form. For questions contact your HR Transactions Coordinator.

Supplement to External Pay

This form must accompany any form hiring or changing the pay rate for research fellows (postdocs), research associates, and other non-teaching academic appointments if the Harvard payroll rate will be less than $47,476/year ($913/week) (i.e. if the department is supplementing the appointee’s external pay).  This will document total pay qualifying for exemption from federal overtime requirements. If compensation is lower, the individual will be required to track hours and be paid overtime for hours above 40. 

Affirmative Action

Affirmative Action EEO Report

To be completed by the appointing department for all first annual appointments, first appointments after a break in service of more than two years, or reappointments with change in title or location when there is a significant change of activity or level of responsibility. Only Section # 1 is required for visiting appointments.

Applicant Data for Affirmative Action

Hiring managers must complete and return this form to the HR contact for this position, in order for the new hire to be registered in Harvard’s payroll. 

Guide to Harvard Disposition Codes

Codes used to indicate the reason an interviewed candidate wasn't hired. You must indicate on the Affirmative Action EEO Reporting form the disposition reason for any candidate who was interviewed.

Note: This form is required to be submitted to your recruiter in order to close a position.


ASPIRE Hiring Manager Basics

The Hiring Manager role in ASPIRE provides you quick access to view the credentials of candidates who have applied to a requisition where you are listed as the hiring manager and the candidates are in a status of Manager Review or higher.

New Hires

Direct Deposit Form

Health Insurance Exchange

Exchange Notice Distribution Grid
Health Insurance Marketplace Coverage Options

Provides basic information about the new health insurance exchanges, as well as the health coverage options Harvard offers to benefits-eligible employees and their eligible dependents. These health insurance exchanges—called the “Health Insurance Marketplace”—opened on October 1, 2013 and the health insurance coverage they offer began on January 1, 2014. 

Ongoing Exchange Cover Letter

Cover letter meant to accompany the Health Insurance Marketplace Coverage Options form.


Foreign National Information Form (FNIF)

Provides tax information for a foreign vendor or a new hire that is not a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident.  Visit the HIO (Harvard International Office) for additional information regarding classification and taxes.

Reappointment of Academic Non-Faculty Appointments (RAAP)

Non-faculty academic titles are considered annual appointments and as such need to be reviewed each year for reappointment by July 1.


Hiring Manager Interview Questions Guide

Use this interview guide before and during your interview to ensure that you gather and share the most accurate, complete information as possible with the candidate.

Legally Permissible Interview Questions

Standard guide for what you can and cannot ask during the interview process.

Sample Behavioral Questions

Starting point to help you understand the structure and format of behavioral interview questions.

Independent Contractors

HMS Independent Contractor Questionnaire Short Exception Form
Independent Contractors

Independent Contractors - Harvard Financial Policy Office

Before moving forward with an independent contractor, please consult your Human Resources Consultant.