During a weather emergency or other emergency all members of our community can call 432-6666​ and hear the latest information on the status of the School via a new listen-only voice mail box.


The Medical School's general position regarding inclement weather is that, short of a declared state of emergency, the School remains open. The teaching and research activities of HMS continue despite inclement weather. In such weather emergencies, however, department heads (or designees) may decide to close their work unit and should set up a plan to notify staff. If a department remains open, employees who choose to remain at home must use Paid Time Off (PTO). Due to the complexity of HMS operations, there are certain essential services that must be provided despite the weather. Designated personnel include those engaged in functions of animal care, weather-related facilities operations or critical research tasks.

Students and Faculty  

In the rare instance that all classes are cancelled, it will be announced on Canvas and on TV channels 4, 5 and 7. A "no classes" announcement on these sites will refer to all MD, PhD and Master’s classes on the HMS Quad. Any class closings will also be posted on Canvas and the HMS home page. All students at clinical sites are responsible for contacting and following the reporting instructions of their site or clerkship director. Students must use their own discretion regarding the safety of travel to their clinical site. Even in lesser storms, some faculty tutors or lab instructors may not be able to make it in from distant suburbs. As the Office of Curriculum Services is notified of a faculty absence, it will be posted on Canvas and on the door of the appropriate classroom.